Our Experience with Cryptocurrency

So I wanted to take a moment to go over our experience at allthehashes.com

We have been general IT computer nerds for several decades.  We build rigs frequently, develop software, and fine-tune machines to meet our needs.  

In the crypto realm, we have been mining various cryptocurrencies since 2012.  We are not bitcoin early adopter millionaires, but the hard-working miners who keep blockchains running every day.  

With the botched release of Electroneum, and the number of noobs who influx into crypto mining the last month or so we saw there was not an entry-level option for crypto mining noobs.  We hope to bridge that gap. 

We have hand developed and tested mining rigs in several configurations and hope to expand our business to the market of enthusiasts who are unsure how to start.  Our systems are preconfigured, and expandable.  

Could you save a little bit of money building the rigs yourself?  Absolutely, and for the seasoned veteran that is likely a good idea.  Our service is aimed at those who do not have the time to develop and source hardware or simply do not know how to start.  

So check out what we have to offer, or drop us a line!